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Spinal Health Assessment

At Elemental we’re all about Health

And we know that much of your health depends on the health of your spine and Nervous System! As a new client to our centre, we’d love to extend an extra special offer for you to have a full Spinal Health Assessment (SHA).

First, you’ll come in for your examinations which will be conducted by our world-class Chiropractic Team. What we will go through with you will include:

  • A complete health history and we’ll find out what your health goals are.
  • Body Composition Analysis which will tell us things like your hydration levels, fat percentages and biological age.
  • Digital Postural Analysis
  • Bilateral Weight Balance Test
  • Thermography Scan (to see how stressed your nervous system is currently)
  • Surface EMG Scan (to see where your muscles are tight and out of balance)
  • Neurological, Orthopaedic and Musculoskeletal assessments
  • Full Spinal Digital X-rays (via referral to Q-scan if clinically indicated)
  • Your SHA also includes a detailed report that is both explained in person (at a second visit) and emailed to your for your records

You are under no obligation to continue with chiropractic care after you SHA – it is your health, and it is your choice of what to do to maximise your health.



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