Why I’m excited my Body Comp Scan got worse! (and why you should never rely on your bathroom scales!)

Today I had a follow up Body Composition Analysis Scan. If you’ve never had one, they are a great insight into the “best guess” of what your body is made up of: muscles, fat, visceral fat, water, bones etc… Today, my scan was WORSE than the one I had last month and I got really excited!

What could possibly be good about a worsening body scan???

Let me explain…

I was really excited for two reasons. Both of which were things I had been “teaching” others and “saying” to patients for years. I also have an understanding about a certain biological change that happens in different seasons which might even show that my changes are in fact a “healthy” response. So, here goes:

Scan 1 taken  March 27th at 5:58am (pre-prandial):
BCAM MarchAt this stage, I was doing really well on a ketogenic diet combined with daily Keto//OS (exogenous ketone) supplement. [By this stage, I’ve lost 7kg and gone from dehydrated, above my ‘normal’ BMI and Body Fat % range with a metabolic age of 56… now 39! WooHoo! If you want to see this scan, you can see it on my Facebook Page: Dr Linda – Chiro]

Needless to say, I was pretty chuffed. But things in my life were about to change up for a bit…




Bring on Scan #2 taken today (24/4/17) at 9.15am (pre-prandial): 
FullSizeRender 3First thoughts for most of you: “Oh Dear!” But for me…. it was a Eureka moment!

Yes, my body fat percentage went up (still in the green), I was a bit more dehydrated. My metabolic age, closer to my biological age at 46…. but did you notice?

I’d lost another 1.2kg during the month.

So, what happened???




Well, during the month of April, I made a decision. My daughter came to visit for the month, it was Autumn (I’ll allude to that later) and Easter was upon us….. The decision I made was to allow one food group back into my life. Not in a big way at all. Perhaps 3-4 servings per week. And that was enough to make the change. The food group???? Grains!!

I partook in some servings of sourdough toast, croissants and some hot crossed buns (organic where possible). I also missed exercise for 7 days out of the month. (Normally, I try to move my body daily). I have been preaching, teaching, lording and parading about the benefits of the low-carb, high (quality) fat diet for years… and here was the evidence right in front of me! I hadn’t even had a lot of grain in comparison to the SAD (the aptly acronymed, ‘Standard Australian Diet’). But as a pro-inflammatory food, it doesn’t take much grain (or sugar) to destroy your health.

Now, the other reason I am a bit excited is, that according to the epi-paleoists, seasonal eating is a good thing. In fact, the only time a human should eat some grain is during Autumn (told you I’d get back to that!) In Autumn (as it is here in the southern hemisphere right now), we should be increasing our omega-6 intake just a bit and gaining some quality brown fat to prepare us for the cooler months ahead. This allows us to survive the cold of winter and to allow our cell membranes to remain flexible.

I know most of us these days don’t need to worry about freezing to death anymore and we all have heaters in our houses BUT being cold adapted during Winter is still a very important physiological process we need to undergo as humans. Based on my new Body Comp Analysis…. Perhaps I’m on my way to being ready!*

The BONUS information I got out of this scan: My weight went down and my BMI improved! This information was GOLD!!!! Had I been like 99% of the population and been judging my health on the bathroom scale, I would have been doing a happy dance around the house this morning. High-fiving strangers and serenading my favourite, up-beat motivational tunes to the kids. Totally unaware that technically, my health was skyrocketing in the wrong direction! Moral of the story: Never rely on your bathroom scales! Get a Body Comp Scan (or even more accurately, a DEXA scan) and then get a plan on how to change the next reading you have. 

Here’s the break down of what happened: Muscle vs Fat 😮

FullSizeRender 5

How scary is this? You can clearly see that on my healthy keto diet and daily Keto//OS, my %Body Fat was steadily declining and my Muscle Mass gaining. Throughout April, massive positive health gains were lost!

Even more scary, the bathroom scales (my overall weight) went down so if I had been relying on that alone, I would have thought not only had I gotten away with eating the bad foods but I had lost weight and perhaps, keto dieting was over-rated and lulled myself into a false sense of security.

What’s next???
Well, fortunately for me, I know very well how to fix this. I’m also embarking on a 9-week challenge from today. You’re welcome to join me on the last 8 weeks if you like, starting next Monday May 1st. More information is available here: in8.keton8.com/au

I will be eating ketogenically (low carb, high quality fats & NO Grains or sugars) and having 2 sachets of Keto//OS Max Formula ( the most bioavailable source of exogenous ketones) per day. I’ll be back on the BCAM soon to check my progress and be adding some more epi-paleo tools along the way. Check in with my Facebook page to see what they are, why I’m doing them and how it all turns out in the end!

Happy & healthy!

Dr Linda 😀 xx

*I’ll be blogging on cold adaptation soon, Stay tuned….. it’s vitally important!!