30 day challenge
30 day challenge
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Join us for our 30-days-in-May Yoga challenge!

From the 1st of May to the 30th May 2018 we are running an awesome challenge with some pretty hot prizes!

For just $20 you get challenge entry, 2 x body composition scans and a smoothie (plus the awesome glow and amazing transformation that comes with 30 yoga classes in 30 days!)

Challenge yourself, and better yet, challenge a friend! Special 1-month UNLIMITED passes are available for just $99 (grab a challenge pass for 1-month by clicking the button below)

We look forward to seeing you on the mat with us in May!

What I learned about Optimal Performance working with V8 Supercar Champions.

In 2013, a brand new V8 Supercar team took the track, and they did so with the help of Chiropractic care! Erebus Motorsport, owned by the first female racing team owner, Betty Klimenko went from an idea to having 3 cars on track in almost 100 hectic days.

I first met the then CEO of Erebus, Ryan Maddison at Christmas time in 2012, and he was concerned that the pace the team was going at, preparing the cars for the first race was ruining not just his health, but the health of his team too.

Racing, like life, is often a mad dash just to get to the start of something. In this case, the team was working night and day developing the 3 cars to exacting standards, and to be as fast as possible – and they had just 100 days to get it done.

That is crazy!

The team liked the idea of having Chiropractors on the team, and they were very open to trying a new way of managing their health needs.

Once we explained how the brain controls the body through a free functioning nervous system, and how chiropractic adjustments can help the spine (and hence the nerves) move and function better, they were convinced it was the missing link.

For the next three years, I worked alongside a colleague as part of the Erebus Chiro Team. We traveled to the race weekends all around the country, we looked after the drivers and the staff here on the Gold Coast. We helped to keep the team in some of the best shape of any on the circuit.

Injuries were very few and minor. The team recovered quickly, and the drivers felt like their reflexes improved after an adjustment too.

So here are my top 5 tips for optimal performance that I learned during my time in the Supercar series:

1 – If you expect a lot from your body, then your body also expects a lot from you. Look after yourself with ‘pre-hab’ and ‘rehab’ routines that maximise your speed, flexibility and endurance.

2 – Your body needs a properly moving and functioning spine in order to work efficiently. Regular Chiropractic check-ups and  adjustments throughout the whole racing season will keep you in great working order, and identify any issues early.

3 – Listen to your body signals. Your body tells your brain what is going on, when there is a problem, and even sends subtle signals about what to do to fix it – you just have to either know how to listen, or recruit the help of a “interpreter” (we can help you there!)

4 – Great nutrition is vital. If you don’t feed your body with the right nutrients, it cannot heal you and repair from injury or illness. Great nutrition is more than just calories in and calories out! The same number of calories from vegetables is not used the same by your body and if those calories came from sugar. We have some awesome resources at Elemental that can help you get this sorted easily.

5 – You must, must, must move your body regularly. Even the engineers who used to sit for the whole race in front of their computers, now move more regularly. They feel the benefits, and so can you. Sitting has been identified as so detrimental to the human spine it is akin to how bad smoking cigarettes is for the lungs! Move! Anyone for some hot yoga?

So there you have it, 5 straightforward tips that can have you functioning at your best in the race of life!

Just remember life is an ‘enduro race’ not a ‘sprint’, so if you want to go the full race distance come in and talk to us about your best plan to get there.

~ Dr Adam Smith – Chiropractor


How to ‘Raise the Bar’ in your yoga class

Yoga practice can be a tricky thing. The balance between striving and self-compassion, expansion and non-attachment. Wherever you explore yoga, there are paradoxes abounds. It is human nature, however, to want to improve at whatever we undertake, and yoga is no exception. So, how do we ‘raise the bar’ on our yoga practice?

esak1The most important ingredient in improving our ability in anything is consistency. Just showing up consistently to class three times a week – over the course of a year, there is no choice for you but to improve. You learn more, you hear more and experience more of what yoga really is – both physically and mentally. The Elemental-series, always being the same sequence creates fertile ground for rapid improvement and the rare chance to master postures and build patience, focus and mastery of those vital postures.

Secondly, any great coach will tell you, modeling is a powerful accelerator when you want to learn or improve any area of your life. Find someone who can already do or has already mastered the outcome you are going for. For some of us, we dream of the perfect arm balance or standing split as we see on Instagram but perhaps you just want to work out how to benefit from padahastasana (hands-to-feet pose) whilst dealing with a pesky hamstring injury. Of course, you can ask your teachers for their input from their experience. More effectively, ask someone who has been there before. Perhaps there’s even a video tutorial online. It pays to become curious and always have that ‘next level’ to aim for. This will prevent stagnation in your life-long
practice and even better, an enthusiasm for ongoing growth.

The third factor is invest in yourself. Take the time to attend classes lead by expert teachers even if their experience and practice seem so far off your current level of skill. These ‘gurus’ did not start out as such and often have worked hard to get their practice to its current level. In their passion, they discover new things about the workings of the human body well beyond the standard2015-03-01-09-16-08 instructions in a class. Through their journey, they can offer valuable insights into the postures, where people most commonly make mistakes and  how to modify things for different body types, sizes, ages, skill-sets and even, injuries.

During a regular class, it can be tricky for teachers to divert from their sequence to assist every student so Masterclasses, Posture Clinics and Workshops provide the perfect environment to explore, ask questions and dissect the postures to be more effective. I have never attended an event with a guest teacher and walked away none the wiser. Even to this day I feel so inspired to have practiced under the great teachers such as Craig Villani, Jenelle Leat, Lucas Miles, Gregory Dunn, Esak Garcia, Emmy Cleaves to name just a few.

Watch our events for all upcoming Masterclasses and events, including some international guest teachers.

This November, Jenelle Leat is presenting over 3 amazing workshops – not to be missed. Click here for tickets.

Can’t attend all three? – No worries, you can purchase one class at a time HERE.


Spring Timetable Starts September 19


After polling, asking, bribing and cajouling our community to see what you all really wanted, we are proud to announce the latest version of the ‘Spring Edition’ Timetable.

Be sure to check out Eunice’s amazing VinYin on a Tuesday night and the new Elemental Yin on Fridays – crank out the ever-powerful Elemental Series over 55 minutes and move straight into Yin mode. Such a great way to bring on the weekend – feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Best way to find, book and manage your favourite class schedule? Use our free app. You can grab them here:

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How to Rescue… I mean, Rejuvenate your Yoga Gear!

You know that feeling when you lay on your mat, possibly in child’s pose and you… well, you start to get a bit of a hint that something’s not right. Perhaps your mat? Maybe the crop top you’re wearing? Heaven forbid it’s your towel??! Fear not if it’s your favourite pair of Lululemon duds or your skidless towel. We’ve got the low-down as the hot yoga professionals on how to revive and re-instate these much-loved (and often costly to replace) items.

Saving your Clothes & Skidless Yoga Towels:
Step 1: Wash your gear as normal to get rid of any sweat/grime/skin etc.
Step 2: Fill a large bucket or the laundry sink with water and tip in about 250mL of Apple Cider Vinegar. It seems a lot – but this is the magic formula for success…. Stir and put gear in.
Step 3: Leave overnight to soak. You’ll love waking to the aroma of Apple Cider Vinegar through the house – you’ll feel cleaner straight away.
Step 4: Wash gear in your washing machine in the normal manner again.
Step 5: Hang wet gear in a well ventilated and if possible, sunny position. (Sun is excellent for killing off any other residual bugs.) Don’t leave it out in the elements too long – it may fade.

Saving your Mat:
The process here is going to depend on the type of mat you have. Some mats go into the machine OK, others not so much.

Recommended for Jivana/all-in-one type mats:
Step 1: Wash your mat in the washing machine using your usual detergent. (Cold – Warm, never hot)
Step 2: Half-fill the bathtub with water and tip in about 500mL of Apple Cider Vinegar. Place mat in bath.
Step 3: Leave to soak 2-3 hours.
Step 4: Re-wash mat in your washing machine in the normal manner again.
Step 5: Hang mat in a well ventilated and if possible, sunny position straight away. (Sun is excellent for killing off any other residual bugs.) Don’t leave it out in the elements too long – a little while is fine but some mat manufacturers don’t recommend any sun exposure. If you’re worried about that, check the washing instructions. Personally, I’ve never had a mat degrade under sunlight exposure for a few hours. I like the benefit it provides.

Recommended for Premium/‘Quick Dry’ or TPE Style mats:
Step 1: These can often go into a normal wash cycle as well. WARNING: They can get a bit ‘chewed’ up in the spin cycle if it ends up in the wrong position. It’s rare but does happen. Wash your mat in the washing machine – use a little detergent. (Cold – Warm, never hot)
Step 2: Quarter-fill the bathtub with water and tip in approximately 10-20mL each of Eucalyptus and Tea-tree oil. Place mat in bath.
Step 3: Agitate the mat around in the mix for 5 minutes or so.
Step 4: Hang mat in a well ventilated and if possible, sunny position straight away. Don’t leave it out in the elements too long – a little while is fine but some mat manufacturers don’t recommend any sun exposure. If you’re worried about that, check the washing instructions.

Recommended for the cheaper Vinyl Type Mats: (aka Beginner Mats/Kmart cheapies etc)
Step 1 – 4: Follow recommendations above BUT beware Vinyl mats often become porous and start to soak in water. The means they are also starting to hold onto your sweat from class and will become smelly and gross pretty quickly.

If you suspect your mat has become porous (usually feels a bit damp when you first start class and you’re not even sweaty yet), it’s time to chuck it out and get a new mat. If you’ve practised long enough to make it ‘gooey’ spend the extra on TPE or Jivana Mats – they last for years and are well worth it.

Recommended for Thick, Camping Mat Style:
Step 1: Throw in Bin.
That thing will be nasty! They are porous from day 1 and become a massive sponge of sweaty stinky bugs!!! Treat yourself to a real yoga mat… savasana is not really for snooze time!

I hope this helps you rescue and rejuvenate your gear for the year. If you have any questions, be sure that all the Elemental Teachers have had to deal with this issue before. Ask us for our best tips and tricks to get the most out of your gear and make your workout more enjoyable.

Elemental – Fresh is Best!

~Dr Linda 🙂

You can purchase your Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar in-studio!