GOLF ISGolf can be incredibly FRUSTRATING!! We understand!

  • Do you worry about your body making it through a round of golf comfortably?
  • Have you ever had to stop a round because of pain?
  • Frustrated about missing out on a competition or social game because you’re hurting?

You are not alone! And we can help!

I am Dr Adam Smith (Chiro) and I am also a frustrated golfer. I lived in Scotland (there is a lot of golf courses there…) for 7.5 years, and during that time I developed a customised assessment and rehab program just for golfers.

You see, the trouble is that the golf swing is the second most complicated movement pattern that we ask of our body (the most difficult is apparently pitching a baseball at speed, but who really does that in day-to-day life??). Many of us don’t warm up before a round, or do any form of prehab/rehab at all to keep playing well.

This is where I can help. Click the button here for a special 50% off the normal rate for a Golfer’s Assessment, and start to get your golf game back to it’s best today!

What you can expect from your golf assessment is:

  1. A detailed health history (what has happened that go you to this point?)
  2. Posture Assessment (can you even stand up with good posture?)
  3. Balance and weight shift assessment (can your brain balance you in your swing?)
  4. Functional movement assessment (what you can and cant do)
  5. Spinal Health Assessment (this connects the dots for a lot of folks)
  6. A referral for x-rays of your spine if needed to Q-scan (no additional charge if you have a Medicare card)
  7. A full report on your posture, functional movement and spinal health with recommendations specific to you!

**Please note**There is no obligation for you to do anything, nor is there any chiro treatment or massage included in this assessment, but if you do wish to proceed with either option we will clearly advise you of all costs before you do anything.

If you have any questions about this assessment offer please jump onto our Contact Page or just call 0755744111

What can I do about my vertigo? Can chiro help?

Hey there, everyone. Doctor Adam Smith here, chiropractor, and I get asked a lot about vertigo and that dizziness that you get when you change position in bed and the room starts to spin, or you feel your head spinning and you just don’t know what to do.

Now, oftentimes, this is something called benign paroxysmal positional vertigo or BPPV for short. Now, if you go and see your doctor, they will have a look at your balance centers, they’ll do various different tests and they’ll want to rule out any inner ear infection and all that sort of stuff. But if there is no apparent cause like that, then it can be the upper neck dysfunction that could be leading onto that vertigo.

That happens in this part of the neck, right up the top here, so it’s around that C1, C2, even in the occiput area at the back of your neck because your balance relies upon three things. It relies upon what you see, what the balance centers in your ears sense, and what your body is sensing and sending back to the brain. So if your brain gets all three of these bits of information at the same time in the same way, then you are balanced. If one of those bits of information is off, for example if you do have an ear infection and your ears aren’t sending the right message to the brain properly, then your balance can be off.

This is where chiropractic can be helpful, if there is a dysfunction in the neck that is causing that dysfunctional message back to the brain. What I always recommend is, if you’ve had everything else ruled out in terms of the causes of vertigo, come and get it checked and we’ll assess the upper part of your neck and see if that could be causing part of the dysfunction between this part of the neck and the balance centres in the brain, so that you can hopefully help your vertigo improve without having to rely upon anything more nasty down the track. So get the upper neck checked out if you’ve got any vertigo going on. Come in, have a chat to us if you’ve got any questions, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

We are located at Elemental Life – Parkwood Village, off the lower carpark –  76 – 122 Napper Road, Parkwood, QLD, Australia – check out the Contact Us page for more info and a video on how to find us.

Additional info – you can try the Epley manoeuvre at home if you are game. Please be warned that this can often help with vertigo, but it can also provoke a vertigo episode too, and even sometimes nausea and vomiting. Use with caution and only once other causes of vertigo have been ruled out!


neck_pain_chiro_parkwoodThere is no denying that technology has transformed the way we live, but we are spending more and more time glued to our mobile devices.

Australians (including Gold Coasters…) spend 10 hours and 24 minutes on average engaging with their mobile devices every day.1 Within five minutes of waking up in the morning 35% of us check our phones, and 70% use phones during mealtimes with family and friends.2 This excessive reliance on digital devices is taking a toll on our bodies.

Looking down hunched over mobile devices puts excessive strain on the neck which can cause neck pain. This is a very common complaint – in fact, the chance that you will have neck pain at some point in your lifetime is nearly 50%

More and more Australians are suffering from ‘Text Neck’ – this refers to neck pain and damage from looking down at mobile devices for prolonged periods. Staring down at your phone can put immense pressure on your neck and spine.

There is no need to shun all technology. Changing a few habits can make a big difference in improving your spinal health and overall wellbeing.

Dr Adam (chiropractor) from Elemental Life in Parkwood has some tips to help avoid text neck and other spinal health issues resulting from poor posture and excessive use of mobile devices:

  • Change the way you hold your phone – bring the screen to eye level so your head is not slouched forward. This way you don’t have to be in a forward-head posture for long periods of time.
  • Take regular breaks from mobile devices. For example, don’t check your phone while commuting.
  • Get social with family or friends. Have a ‘no phone policy’ during dinner. You’ll enjoy your meal even more without the distraction!

Your Parkwood / Arundel Chiropractor Can Help

Stretching can help alleviate neck pain an discomfort caused by text neck. Seek advice from your local chiropractor here in Parkwood about which stretching exercises are suitable for you.

Depending on your circumstances, your chiropractor may suggest a variety of techniques to help improve range of motion and function and will develop a program of care that may combine multiple aspects, depending on your needs. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, a care plan may include mobilisation, massage, rehabilitative exercise, as well as dietary and lifestyle advice.

Book an assessment with us so you can find out if we can help improve your quality of life.

For more information on maintaining a healthy spine, please visit the website of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (CAA) at

‘Chiro Can Help’ is the theme for Spinal Health Week this year. Spinal Health Week is a health initiative of the CAA and is taking place on 21-27 May 2018. #ChiroCanHelp

This article is adapted from the Chiropractors Association of Australia blog – Dr Adam is a member of the CAA and Board Secretary of the CAAQLD Branch.

[1] ‘Australian consumers spending more than 10 hours of every day on their digital devices’, 2016, Ernst & Young,

[2] Mobile Consumer Survey 2017: The Australian Cut, Deloitte,


sore_back_chiro_parkwood_arundel_gold_coastWe can all relate to carrying as many bags as possible to save us making another trip. Is the time you’re saving worth it though? Lifting more than you are able to carry can cause immense strain on your body. Furthermore, with bad lifting technique, it can be even worse for your back.

This is not just true for carrying shopping bags. We often carry heavy suitcases and handbags without thinking of the consequences. Lifting heavy objects carelessly can result in strained back muscles. A tear or inflammation can result in severe pain and a long recovery.

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 3.7 million Australians reported back problems and it has become the third leading cause of disease burden after cancer and cardiovascular problems1. With back problems being such a prevalent ailment, it’s important to make the necessary lifestyle changes to try and prevent back pain, your local chiro in Parkwood at Elemental Life – Dr Adam Smith has some tips for you:

  • Share the load – if you have a lot of shopping to carry, make more than one trip or ask a friend or family member to help you.
  • Use the correct lifting technique – with your knees bent and your back in a neutral position, lift the object carefully by slowly bringing it towards your chest. Avoid twisting or slouching when lifting and lowering.
  • Stretch – incorporating stretching into your daily routine keeps the muscles flexible and healthy. We need this flexibility to maintain a range of motion in our joints.

Your local Parkwood chiro can help!

Chiropractors can help address the strain caused on the body from excessive lifting of heavy objects. Although back pain is common, each patient is different and chiropractors tailor their approach accordingly.

For back problems, chiropractors use a variety of non-surgical techniques, such as spinal adjustment or manual therapies. They also advise patients on self-management of pain through exercise, stretching and lifestyle modification. Speak to your local CAA chiropractor about the type of exercise or stretching most suited to your needs.

Book an assessment with us now for more information on how we can help improve your quality of life.

For more information on maintaining a healthy spine, please visit the website of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (CAA) at

‘Chiro Can Help’ is the theme for Spinal Health Week this year. Spinal Health Week is a health initiative of the CAA and is taking place on 21-27 May 2018. #ChiroCanHelp

This article is adapted from the Chiropractors Association of Australia website of which Dr Adam is a member.

[1] The burden of musculoskeletal conditions in Australia (2017), Australian Institute of Health and Welfare,


binge-wathcing-back-ache-parkwood-chiro-gold-coastThere is no denying that we live an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, spending hours each day sitting at desks or curled up on couches watching TV. The average Australian spends 2 hours and 25 minutes a day watching television1 and that includes Gold Coasters! That’s a long time in one position and it can be hazardous to your health.

Most of the time, when people watch TV, they are either slouching or lying in ways that put strain on their shoulders, back, or hips. Unwinding in front of the television shouldn’t feel like work but it also shouldn’t leave you feeling miserable the next day (which can happen if your body is not properly aligned).

Elemental Chiro at Parkwood Village has some tips on things you can do to keep your spine happy while watching television:

  • Pay attention to your posture – sitting up straight may not feel comfortable at first but overtime you’ll be able to maintain good posture as a habit. Keep your shoulders and back relaxed, and avoid tilting your head forward, backwards or sideways.
  • Take a break – a great way to remember to move is by getting off the couch and walking around during commercial breaks or between episodes of your favourite series.
  • Reduce sitting time – you can make screen time productive by doing household chores such as ironing or folding clothes while watching your favourite shows.

Your local Gold Coast Chiropractor can help!

If you are already experiencing the side effects of poor posture and prolonged sitting (pain, headaches or stiffness), it is advisable to BOOK A VISIT TO SEE US to see how we can help you improve your quality of life.

We are local to the northern Gold Coast, in Parkwood, and we can provide advice on self-care, depending on your condition and its severity. Research has shown that chiropractic care can help patients who suffer with back pain. In fact, a systematic review of articles published between 2009 and 2014 concluded that “the evidence supports that doctors of chiropractic are well-suited to diagnose, treat, co-manager, and manage the treatment of patients with low back pain disorders”.2

If you don’t live on the amazing Gold Coast then you should Visit your local CAA chiropractor to see how they can help.

For more information on maintaining a healthy spine, please visit the website of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (CAA) at

‘Chiro Can Help’ is the theme for Spinal Health Week this year. Spinal Health Week is a health initiative of the CAA and is taking place on 21-27 May 2018. #ChiroCanHelp

This article is adapted from the CAA Spinal Health Week 2018 by Dr Adam Smith (Chiropractor) who is a member of the Chiropractors Association of Australia and Board Secretary for CAAQLD.

[1] Digital in 2017:ANZ and Pacific, 2017, We are Social & Hootsuite

[2] Globe G et al, 2015, Clinical Practice Guideline: Chiropractic Care for Low Back Pain

Is the daily grind giving you a headache?


chirocanhelp_chiropractor_parkwood_headacheHeadaches are becoming increasingly common and we are often guilty of taking some painkillers and ignoring the problem. Headaches can take different forms such as migraines or tension headaches, and these can greatly impact quality of life.

Headaches can be caused by various reasons, including but not limited to, poor posture, stress, sleeping patterns and poor nutrition. Here are some tips which can help decrease the severity or frequency of headaches:

  • Get enough sleep -adequate sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle. Getting enough sleep plays an important role in your physical, mental and emotional health.
  • Fix your sleeping posture – an awkward sleeping position affects the alignment of your spine and can cause stiffness in the morning. Avoid sleeping on your stomach and try to sleep on your back instead to maintain the natural curve of the spine.
  • Be mindful of your posture – whether it’s during your commute or at the office, maintaining a good posture is very important for spinal health
  • Improve your nutrition – having a nutritious breakfast can make you feel good as you go about your day.
  • Drive Smart – if you drive regularly, adjust your seat to make sure that you are not straining any part of your body. Move the seat closer to the steering wheel to support the curve of your back.

Did you know that Elemental Chiro in Parkwood Village can help?
Chiropractors regularly diagnose, care for and manage headaches, and many studies have reported on the effectiveness of chiropractic care in alleviating migraine pain and other health issues that arise from neck and back issues.

An Australian study published in the Journal of Manipulative Physiological Therapy demonstrated the effectiveness of chiropractic care in treating migraine pain. The Macquarie University study analysed the responses of 127 volunteers who suffered from migraines aged from 10 to 70 years. The researchers found that more than 80% of people who were provided with chiropractic care reported an improvement in migraines.1

Visit our CHIRO PAGE for more information on how we can help improve your quality of life, or click on the “BOOK CHIRO” link at the top of the page to book either an comprehensive Initial Consultation or a Spinal Health Assessment.

For more information on maintaining a healthy spine, you can visit the website of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (CAA) at

‘Chiro Can Help’ is the theme for Spinal Health Week this year. Spinal Health Week is a health initiative of the CAA and is taking place on 21-27 May 2018. #ChiroCanHelp

(Adapted from the Chiropractors Association of Australia – Spinal Health Week 2018 campaign)

[1] Tuchin PJ1, Pollard H, Bonello R, 2000, A randomized controlled trial of chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy for migraine, J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 2000 Feb;23(2):91-5

30 day challenge
30 day challenge
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Join us for our 30-days-in-May Yoga challenge!

From the 1st of May to the 30th May 2018 we are running an awesome challenge with some pretty hot prizes!

For just $20 you get challenge entry, 2 x body composition scans and a smoothie (plus the awesome glow and amazing transformation that comes with 30 yoga classes in 30 days!)

Challenge yourself, and better yet, challenge a friend! Special 1-month UNLIMITED passes are available for just $99 (grab a challenge pass for 1-month by clicking the button below)

We look forward to seeing you on the mat with us in May!

Elemental Life – 10 out of 10 wellness

10 out of 10 wellness

What is 10 out of 10 wellness?

By Dr Adam Smith – Principal Chiropractor and Studio Owner

You will have noticed there’s been a few changes around the Elemental Studio lately and one of the big changes that we’ve had is in the chiro area.

I’d just love to take you through quickly some of the little things that you see around about the place that make a big difference in how you understand your health and the healthcare that we provide here. One of those things is the posters that you see on the wall.

These are very specifically designed for us so they get across the message of what chiropractic is all about and how chiropractic can help.

Chiropractic is not a miracle cure for any one thing and it’s certainly not going to be the only thing that you need to do in your healthcare team arrangement to get the best results.

Elemental Chiro Gold Coast - Illness Wellness Poster

Elemental Chiro Gold Coast – Illness Wellness Poster

Looking at this poster here, this is what we call the illness wellness continuum, so illness is down at the bottom here, and high level wellness is at the top.  This ranges from ten at the top to zero at the bottom. Now it does say premature death here because as we all know, there’s things in our lifestyle that can drag our health down, like drinking to excess or smoking or being obese or not exercising and these sorts of things are lifestyle decisions that have a big impact on your wellness.

While chiropractic is not about changing everything in your lifestyle, it is about helping you make some better decisions so that you can travel in an upward direction.

We want to get you out of this comfort zone, this false wellness in the middle and help you move toward whatever ten out of ten is for you, and that’s for you…. not anybody else’s definition of health.

If ten out of ten for you is running the Hawaii Iron Man Trial, then that’s great, but if ten out ten for you is being able to walk a kilometre to the shops to get your morning newspaper, then that’s great as well.

We’re here to help you with those healthcare decisions, and anything that we can do in terms of some advice we can point you towards or how we can help you with chiropractic care, that’s what we’re here for.

Ask us how chiropractic can fit into your healthcare team to help you get towards high level wellness and that way you can live the elemental life.

We are hiring our newest Rockstar!

Are you our next rockstar-


Who do you know who is AWESOME at sales, marketing and social media management?

At Elemental we pride ourselves on our service quality, fantastic results, and awesome people. We are looking for just the right person to work with us in the following role – one day per week initially, but who knows what is possible?

Business Development/Media Assistant (1 day per week part-time initially)

Role Description:

Working closely with the business owner of 2 Gold Coast, QLD based health centres to promote the Chiropractic, Massage and Yoga streams of the business. Ability to work from home, and/or business locations in order to achieve targets.

Weekly tasks include:

  • Collaborating on and implementing the marketing and promotions calendar
  • Event management of 4 large events per year, and 1 smaller event per month
  • Actively seeking and booking corporate wellness talks and corporate health fairs
  • Attending networking events functions to generate opportunities
  • Social Media Marketing and management – including writing and scheduling relevant posts across multiple streams
  • Managing the production and publication of website content, podcast content and YouTube content including SEO optimisation

Personal Attributes:

  • Sales and marketing experience
  • Healthy and active, preferably with experience in chiropractic, massage and yoga
  • Experience with graphic design, video production and podcasting software is preferred
  • Out-Going/Social, able to connect with people
  • Driven/Initiative Focussed in a self-managed environment
  • Able to speak in groups or one-on-one


Base salary of $200 for 8-hours per week minimum plus performance based bonuses

3month trial period

Application Process:

Please send a one page brief about why you would be awesome for this role to – be as creative as you like. You can include links to previous work, videos, graphics, whatever you believe qualifies you for the part at Elemental.

First round applications close 3oth September 2017