Need a golf fitness checkup?

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GOLF ISGolf can be incredibly FRUSTRATING!! We understand!

  • Do you worry about your body making it through a round of golf comfortably?
  • Have you ever had to stop a round because of pain?
  • Frustrated about missing out on a competition or social game because you’re hurting?

You are not alone! And we can help!

I am Dr Adam Smith (Chiro) and I am also a frustrated golfer. I lived in Scotland (there is a lot of golf courses there…) for 7.5 years, and during that time I developed a customised assessment and rehab program just for golfers.

You see, the trouble is that the golf swing is the second most complicated movement pattern that we ask of our body (the most difficult is apparently pitching a baseball at speed, but who really does that in day-to-day life??). Many of us don’t warm up before a round, or do any form of prehab/rehab at all to keep playing well.

This is where I can help. Click the button here for a special 50% off the normal rate for a Golfer’s Assessment, and start to get your golf game back to it’s best today!

What you can expect from your golf assessment is:

  1. A detailed health history (what has happened that go you to this point?)
  2. Posture Assessment (can you even stand up with good posture?)
  3. Balance and weight shift assessment (can your brain balance you in your swing?)
  4. Functional movement assessment (what you can and cant do)
  5. Spinal Health Assessment (this connects the dots for a lot of folks)
  6. A referral for x-rays of your spine if needed to Q-scan (no additional charge if you have a Medicare card)
  7. A full report on your posture, functional movement and spinal health with recommendations specific to you!

**Please note**There is no obligation for you to do anything, nor is there any chiro treatment or massage included in this assessment, but if you do wish to proceed with either option we will clearly advise you of all costs before you do anything.

If you have any questions about this assessment offer please jump onto our Contact Page or just call 0755744111