What I learned about Optimal Performance working with V8 Supercar Champions.

30 January 2017,   By ,   0 Comments

In 2013, a brand new V8 Supercar team took the track, and they did so with the help of Chiropractic care! Erebus Motorsport, owned by the first female racing team owner, Betty Klimenko went from an idea to having 3 cars on track in almost 100 hectic days.

I first met the then CEO of Erebus, Ryan Maddison at Christmas time in 2012, and he was concerned that the pace the team was going at, preparing the cars for the first race was ruining not just his health, but the health of his team too.

Racing, like life, is often a mad dash just to get to the start of something. In this case, the team was working night and day developing the 3 cars to exacting standards, and to be as fast as possible – and they had just 100 days to get it done.

That is crazy!

The team liked the idea of having Chiropractors on the team, and they were very open to trying a new way of managing their health needs.

Once we explained how the brain controls the body through a free functioning nervous system, and how chiropractic adjustments can help the spine (and hence the nerves) move and function better, they were convinced it was the missing link.

For the next three years, I worked alongside a colleague as part of the Erebus Chiro Team. We traveled to the race weekends all around the country, we looked after the drivers and the staff here on the Gold Coast. We helped to keep the team in some of the best shape of any on the circuit.

Injuries were very few and minor. The team recovered quickly, and the drivers felt like their reflexes improved after an adjustment too.

So here are my top 5 tips for optimal performance that I learned during my time in the Supercar series:

1 – If you expect a lot from your body, then your body also expects a lot from you. Look after yourself with ‘pre-hab’ and ‘rehab’ routines that maximise your speed, flexibility and endurance.

2 – Your body needs a properly moving and functioning spine in order to work efficiently. Regular Chiropractic check-ups and  adjustments throughout the whole racing season will keep you in great working order, and identify any issues early.

3 – Listen to your body signals. Your body tells your brain what is going on, when there is a problem, and even sends subtle signals about what to do to fix it – you just have to either know how to listen, or recruit the help of a “interpreter” (we can help you there!)

4 – Great nutrition is vital. If you don’t feed your body with the right nutrients, it cannot heal you and repair from injury or illness. Great nutrition is more than just calories in and calories out! The same number of calories from vegetables is not used the same by your body and if those calories came from sugar. We have some awesome resources at Elemental that can help you get this sorted easily.

5 – You must, must, must move your body regularly. Even the engineers who used to sit for the whole race in front of their computers, now move more regularly. They feel the benefits, and so can you. Sitting has been identified as so detrimental to the human spine it is akin to how bad smoking cigarettes is for the lungs! Move! Anyone for some hot yoga?

So there you have it, 5 straightforward tips that can have you functioning at your best in the race of life!

Just remember life is an ‘enduro race’ not a ‘sprint’, so if you want to go the full race distance come in and talk to us about your best plan to get there.

~ Dr Adam Smith – Chiropractor