Why is the Avocado so trendy?

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Okay, is it just me or are avocados on nearly every breakfast menu around?

Surely I’m not the only one that’s noticed this?

They’re becoming so popular and so trendy, I’m thinking that going as an Avocado for Halloween may actually be a possibility.

Avocados have become so popular that they’re being stolen and sold illegally when there’s shortages, such as what we saw in New Zealand in June!

So why are we eating them all?

Well firstly, they taste great and go with everything! People are even making chocolate mousse out of them! But eating avocados also brings LOADS of benefits:

1. Avocados are SO diverse!avo
As we mentioned, avocados aren’t just being limited to salads, sandwiches and guacamole, they’re being used in desserts with raw cacao!

2. PACKED with essential vitamins and minerals
This includes vitamins A, E and K, plus vitamins B and C. PLUS magnesium, potassium, iron and copper! Fun fact, you need to eat two bananas to meet the potassium content in just one whole avocado!

3. Great source of fiber and protein!
Avos are actually on the list of top protein foods and because they’re high in fiber, they can help shift the balance of bacteria in the gut, increasing healthy bacteria!

4. Avos help improve heart health!
Avos promote heart health by balancing blood lipids because of their fatty acid composition.

5. They promote healthy skin, eyes and hair
Because of the rich fat-soluble vitamins and monounsaturated fats, avos are fantastic for glowing skin, bright eyes and shiny hair (both when eaten or used topically).

6. Avos help with weight loss
Fats are super filling and increase satiety hormones that help you eat less overall. Avos are full of GOOD FATS. This means you’re getting loads of nutrients plus will feel fuller for longer!

Stay trendy. Eat more Avocados.

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