Do your kids need a ‘digital detox’ these school holidays?

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Does your child constantly like to pester you for an iPad or your iPhone?

Do they LOVE playing on their tablet instead of playing outside?

Would you believe that these days most children have some level of screen addiction?

And why wouldn’t they? Screens are designed to be mesmerizing and have such an affect on the brain that it makes our kids want more and more. With the continuously evolving and growing world of technology, there’s no way we can ignore screens entirely (or not easily anyway!).ropeswing

Instead, it’s time take control of the screens these holidays to ensure your kids have the happiest and healthiest holidays.

The Australian Government guidelines suggest that children five years and older should only be on screen time for a maximum of two hours per day. Considering some children are spending four hours or more on these digital devices each day, this is a figure we should definitely be aiming to lower. Spending hours in front of a screen can take its physical toll on children such as poor posture, stress on the eyes, reduced fitness, increased blood pressure and obesity. These hours can also lead to poor social connection and decreased friendships, reduced self-esteem and can affect cognitive development. Definitely something we should be changing!

It’s all about balance. It’s time to take control. It’s time for a challenge.

Each week of these school holidays aim for the kids to have one technology-free day each week! Then try to reduce their time on technology for the remaining days. Once they get a taste of their technology-free world, we think they’ll head to the backyard instead of to the iPad.

monopolyBoredom actually fuels creativity. Let their imaginations run wild!

Let them build indoor cubby-houses, let them run free in the backyard, encourage other parents to join in so the kids can play together, bring out the old monopoly board or UNO set!
Let’s show the kids how we all used to entertain ourselves before we were surrounded by screens and stimulation.

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